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RPS Game Club Asks: what do you think of Cobalt Core?

Tell us your thoughts, questions and favourite moments ahead of this month's Game Club discussion

Two spaceships face off against each other in Cobalt Core
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Brace Yourself Games

As promised last month, a new thing we're doing for RPS Game Club this year is asking you, our dear readers, what you think of each month's game pick in dedicated posts like this. Not just to foster some good old fashioned discussion among your good selves in the comments, but also as a way for those who aren't able to join us for the end-of-month liveblog session to still take part in what everyone has to say about it. We'll also try and stuff as many of your thoughts and observations into the liveblog discussion proper, too, to try and make it feel as communal as possible (and not just us waffling on about it for a full hour).

So, folks, tell us what you think about the excellent Cobalt Core below. What you like, dislike, your favourite moments (or your most hated moments)... Anything goes.

To help, here are some potential questions from me to get you started:

What's your favourite crew combination?

Personally, I'm a classic Riggs, Dizzy and Peri enthusiast - the starter trio you get right at the beginning. That said, I am growing more partial to missile expert Issac and the hot-headed Drake the more runs I attempt with them. Drake's focus on attack power at the cost of overheating is an easy enough to deal with substitute for Peri's regular attack power, and if I have to lose shields or dodging, then Issac's obstacle-chucking missile bay feels like a good compromise to me. But I cannot for the life of me work out how the sixth unlockable character Max works. He's completely beyond me. Please help.

Extra bonus question: who is the bestest best crew member?

What's your favourite music track?

As previously mentioned, Cobalt's Core soundtrack is a real corker. But what is your favourite track? Correct answer: Self-Defense.

What's your favourite special encounter?

Soggins. The answer is obviously Soggins, but there are honestly so many great characters you meet along your journey in Cobalt Core that it's hard to pick just one. Some of my other personal favs include Wizbo the wizard mouse, Sir Ratso and his chivalric sword and shield ship, and beloved Brac the crab, who also has a big orange crab ship.

How do you think it compares to other deckbuilding roguelikes?

The big obvious point of comparison here is Slay The Spire, but equally, deckbuilding roguelikes seem to be having a bit of a boom time at the moment, so I'm keen to hear how you think it stacks up against the other big titans of the genre. Some RPS Treehouse members would rather it have more meta-progression between runs, for example, but others think it's just fine the way it is.

What's surprised you most about playing it?

Is Cobalt Core the kind of game you usually sit down and play? Or do your tastes generally lie elsewhere? Wherever you sit on the deckbuilding roguelike scale, what are the things you thought you'd like but didn't? Or the things you thought you'd hate, but actually love? I was most surprised by just how much I loved its dialogue - the way it reacts to things you do and cards you happen to play, and also just how funny and witty it is. It's rare when a game's writing can genuinely make me laugh and chuckle, but Cobalt Core really hits the spot there.

Is there a question you'd like to ask us about Cobalt Core?

Heck, this doesn't only have to be a one-way street. Got any questions for me or the wider RPS Treehouse about Cobalt Core? Chuck 'em in the comments, and we'll either answer them there, or during the liveblog next week.

Speaking of which, here's another reminder that this month's Game Club liveblog session will take place on Thursday February 29th at 4pm GMT (and don't worry, I'll do another post about this at the start of next week). For now, though, tell us what you think about Cobalt Core in the comments below!

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