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RPS Game Club Asks: what do you think of Darktide?

Beam us your opinions and questions for March’s Game Club live chat

By this point you’ve probably had enough of hearing what I think about this month’s RPS Game Club game, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. But what say you, dear readers? Once again, the Game Club liveblog looms, and as with Cobalt Core, we want your thoughts, feelings, and questions to shovel into the conversational fuel furnace.

First up: I initially said we’d do the live discussion on March 29th, but forgot that it’s Good Friday, and thus everyone will be too busy with not working. Instead, let’s say Thursday March 28th, at 4pm GMT. Apologies! I forget how to calendar sometimes.

Now that’s sorted, feel free to fire those takes at will. You can save points for the live chat if you wish, but by all means go ahead and post away in the comments below. It’s all stuff we can refer back to later if required, questions especially.

Or, if you need some prompts, here’s a few sample questions:

How do you find the gear/crafting system?

Possibly the most contentious issue in all of Darktidedom, the RNG-heavy system of equipping your Reject with sharper swords and heavier guns has already been reworked once and is set for another overhaul in the future. How do you find it? A steady source of new toys, or a grindy load of kark?

Who’s your favourite class?

I’ve jumped fences from Veteran to Ogryn to Zealot, and more recently back to Ogryn. Big man, big deeps. Though I suspect I may be unusual in always sticking to a new character until they’re a maxed-out level 30, then moving onto another one, rather than flicking between them as the mood determines. Are you a multi-class Reject?

For those who are familiar with 40K, how does Darktide fit in?

I had an interesting chat with Alice Bee recently about how her first real time spent with the Warhammer 40,000 universe was its PowerWash Simulator DLC, and how it proved surprisingly helpful when navigating Imperium life in Darktide. There are plenty of other games in the mythos – if you’ve played one or more, how does Darktide’s street-level, no-Space-Marines take on 40K feel familiar and/or distinct?

How do you play?

Permanently sprinting bezerker? Far-sighted sharpshooter? Psychic support operative? Don’t care but just picks the Thunder Hammer because of the sound effects? Let us know.

What’s your favourite music track?

Yes! I did steal this one from Katharine’s Cobalt Core post. But Darktide has bangers aplenty, and I want to hear your picks.

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