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RPS premium supporters can choose The Longing or Ghost On The Shore for free this week

Codes are first come, first served

Aside from our eternal love and gratitude, lovely folks who choose to support RPS at the premium tier get extra perks - and one of those is getting regular access to free game keys. Today I'm excited to tell you that we have two more games stepping up to the code plate, and you can choose one of them to take home for free later this week: The Longing or Ghost On The Shore, both beautiful and contemplative games.

Now, I haven't personally played Ghost On The Shore yet, but it's a game about exploring a tragic island with a tragic ghost, which does unironically sound like my jam. In fact, Jay even pegged it years ago in a Screenshot Saturday Sundays post.

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I can absolutely personally endorse The Longing, however, which is a really cool game about literally going goblin mode and waiting for a mountain king to wake up from his nap. It was one of my best games of Gamescom 2019 as soon as I saw it, and then I kept a diary of playing it because it happens in almost real time [mind blowing emoji].

Ghost On The Shore would normally cost £17.49/€19.99/$19.99 on Steam, GOG or Humble, and The Longing would be £12.99/€14.99/$14.99 on Steam.

On July 14th (this Thursday), though, RPS premium supporters can choose a key for one of them at no extra cost.

These keys are kindly being provided by the publisher Application Systems Heidelberg, to celebrate the recent launch of their musical puzzle game Sonority. Our indie game spelunker Sin Vega recently wrote about Sonority's blend of logic and intuition in a Scout Report.

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The keys aren't infinite, though, and will be available on a first come, first served basis from 5pm BST / 9am PT on Thursday July 14th, so make sure to set a reminder and be by your PC or on your phone to nab your favourite of the two.

If you're already a premium supporter, you should be able to claim your copy of either The Longing or Ghost On The Shore by logging in to your ReedPop ID and checking the codes page of your account. Then click "Add A Game" in the bottom right of your Steam client, and "Activate A Product On Steam" where you can copy and paste in your brand new code of choice to redeem it in your library! After this month, if there are any keys left over, you'll be able to redeem a copy of the game you didn't choose as well - but no guarantees, I'm afraid.

If all this is making you want to sign up to be a support of RPS, then you can check out the prices and tiers here. Being a supporter helps Keep RPS Weird, but it does come with other perks as well - like ad-free browsing and, at the premium tier, extra podcasts, posts, and cool game codes just like these.

If you're already signed up then I can only offer you my thanks again. Wait, that's not true! I can offer you these game keys, too.

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