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RSPCA Approved: Free-Range Dragons

They're surprisingly nutritious

Spry Fox, they behind Triple Town, and the recent not-quite of Road Not Taken, have just announced their latest project: Free-Range Dragons. And finally, because my local Tesco keeps stocking battery-farmed dragon eggs despite all the strongly worded letters I've sent them.

Free-Range Dragons is, we're told, about "the joy of movement". And the first trailer for it is below.

The game's been in prototype for the last year, and with Road Not Taken out of the door, they're now focusing on it. They explain the importance of the game's flight thusly:

"We’ve spent a ton of time experimenting with and refining the mechanics of flight in this game, as well as the mechanics of chasing and being chased by wild dragons. Your dragon can loft itself into the air slowly, or use the terrain to send itself rocketing. You have a flaming dash maneuver that can be used as both an attack and a tool for altering your trajectory. We’re still experimenting with a variety of additional attacks and powerups, like fireballs, flame breath, lassoing, and more."

The trailer possibly doesn't express this particularly well. It looks, well, a little mundane at this point. Of course - when a game is about fluidity of movement, that's nigh-impossible to judge without getting your own hands on it.

No word on guessed release dates yet, or how they're going to hide cute bears in it, but Spry are rather good at keeping people up to date via their blogs, so you can keep an eye on it here.

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