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Cyberpunk shooter Ruiner dashes out next month

Top-down action

I'm quite excited about top-down shooter Ruiner [official site], what with its slow motion segments, reflex-testing dodges and cyberpunk shooty bangs. And it's coming soon: 26 September, to be exact, developers Reikon Games and publisher Devolver Digital have announced.

You're an "unstoppable psychopath" in a mask, and it's your job to take down evil corporation du jour HEAVEN, whose goons have kidnapped your brother. You zip around the futuristic city of Rengkok, dashing, slicing and blasting your way through hordes of brainwashed enemies. John enjoyed the demo he played in March, so it might be worth keeping an eye on.

The release date was announced in a new trailer that shows off the game's more exotic weapons. And yep, they look fun, especially Fury, a pulse railgun that fires charged shots that turn enemies to red vapour.

Cover image for YouTube video

As John explained in his preview, it uses Alien Breed-style WASD and mouse controls, which gives you a lot of freedom of movement.

"You zip and dart about the screen, dashing with the right mouse button, or holding it down to place a series of dashes via waypoints. Meanwhile you’re slashing or shooting with the left mouse button, raising your shield with Space, and ping-ping-pinging your way about the play area as enemies rush in on you from all sides."

John wasn't keen on the melee combat but once the guns came out, it picked up. So, if it sticks to its strengths it could be a winner. No word yet on where you'll be able to buy it or what it will cost.

If you want to see more of its action, the game's website has a whole crate of gifs.

Disclosure: RPS's Alec Meer wrote for Ruiner at one point.

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