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Running Out Of Real Words - Aarklash: Legacy

Given the length of time it takes me to come up with each new article title, I understand how difficult naming things can be, so I'm sympathetic but intrigued as to what exactly an "Aarklash" is. Once provided with the Legacy subtitle I know a metamorphosis takes place, creating an isometric, party-based RPG coming exclusively to PC. Rumour (also known as hard fact) has it that developers Cyanide Studio are putting the focus on difficulty, forcing players to consider positioning and ability usage of their four man person creature party in even the most basic of fights. Essentially, if the words "very difficult Planescape Torment" cause a physical reaction in your parts, this may be the game for you. A new trailer dispels a few more mysteries after the cut.

Ah, it was the place the fantasy RPG was set. I had a fifty/fifty on it being that or the name of the bad guy.

Voice-over that would be more fitting introducing the works of Michael Bay aside, I'm pretty intrigued. The design of the races is awesome, particularly the half-lizard half-lady with the ginormahuge sword and outside of the "human mage" each seems to have something unique to it. Quite interested in seeing what that dwarven inventor will get up to. It's possible the end result won't be able to distinguish itself from Baldur's Pack, flavour-wise, but they're taking a decent stab at it.

Having seen a little more of the game elsewhere, many skills require precise timing and aim otherwise they'll hinder more than help, which further emphasises the differences between this and its ilk. Whether the obviously limited choices in regards to skills - each character has four, with two branching points per - will limit the game is up for debate, but there's a history of less choices allowing each to mean more. Interested? All can be revealed to you on September 12th via Steam, but for now check out the official website for all the usual extras.

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