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Sadwick! The Whispered World Trailer

The Whispered World, a promising German adventure game, has now been given a release date for the Europe and the US. 23 April on Steam, and available on the same day at retail in both locations. The game has been released in Germany, with a demo, and shows off some really lovely 2D artwork. There's now an English language trailer, which you can see below.

You know what this absolutely reminds me of? When you'd be home from school ill, or maybe on a half term holiday, and you'd see a cartoon on BBC2. Being a cartoon you stop changing channels to watch, and then you realise it's not one you're familiar with. It's strange, it's slower, it's more thoughtful. It's... foreign. Oftentimes this meant it was impenetrable, but every now and then you'd be completely drawn in by one. You'd never hear of it again, never know its name, nor be able to recall it in enough detail to describe it to anyone else. But you'd dream about it.

That's what this reminds me of. It's utterly beautiful, and while the voice acting seems dodgy, and the puzzles (chess puzzle, arrange the pipes) look a little too familiar, it has that same haunting magical tone. We should hopefully be receiving some review code soon, so will let you know if it lives up to the gorgeous design.

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