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The Whispered World Demo (In German)

Talking of demos I can't understand, the gorgeous point and click adventure The Whispered World has a demo out. In German. Which I don't speak a word of. Which makes me sad, because it looks fantastic. However, I'm aware that people reading this site can speak German! Especially the ones in Germany. So it's good news for you. And for the rest of us, it's a chance to remember that The Whispered World is coming, and will be translated.

For a moment I did wonder if my brain had developed the ability to learn new languages like those universal translators on Star Trek. I listened to a lot of unintelligible words, and then heard the main character say, "That is so unfair." But I think it might just be a weird glitch of language, as sadly it all went back into the reason I didn't get very good marks in German lessons.

Wait, can I... Oh, no.

I first spotted it back in March 08 (good grief, that long?), as one of three adventures being made by Daedalic, and it immediately intrigued me with its melancholic style. Then things went a bit quiet. Then things looked troubling, with secret journo site Games Press still giving its release date as Q1 2009. However, with the appearance of the German demo, and assurances that it will indeed be receiving an English translation, there's reason to start getting interested in this cute little game again.

So, German speakers, play this and tell us whether it's any good.

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