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Now Modding: Saints Row IV's First SDK Release

Phallic metaphors likely to become actual phalluses

If you're some how bored of the massive collection of mostly ludicrous weapons in Saints Row 4, you've come to the right news post. Over on the Saints Row Mods forum, the first part of the SDK for the raddest of last year's open world games has been released. SR4 already had a modding scene, you see, mostly for skin creation and modifying existing assets to look a little nicer or tweaking the game in mechanical ways. This first release contains tutorials, templates and tools for weapon model modification, using stuff from the newly-announced Gat Out of Hell expandalone as an example.

The tutorial on how to replace existing models in the game with new ones is over here. Along with the SDK itself, this thread also has all of the weapon models from Saints Row 3 and 4 to mess with. While the first part of the SDK only lets people replace guns already in the game, there's plans for more freedom in future releases. This includes adding new content altogether, and better tools for replacing skins and models of other objects. Hopefully the end goal is level editing, mission creation and so on.

Given the ridiculousity of the game itself, it'll be interesting to see what the community can create given easier to use and more powerful tools. Craig's previously shown off the first-person mod that's been in development for a while, the most recent build of which is over here. As a bonus, here's the weirdest thing I found while browsing around, from Volition's community manager:

And the best footage of the first-person mod, complete with bangin' soundtrack:

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