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Say hello to Zijin Wang, RPS's latest work experience pal

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Our commitment to finding cool people and giving them a leg up continues, and this time I'm thrilled to welcome the lovely and talented Zijin Wang as our work experience bestie for the next few weeks. You'll already have seen a few news articles from Zijin popping up, after her first few days with us, and you'll see more over the next while. Everyone give a big, warm, RPS welcome!

Zijin comes to us with a ludicrous CV under her belt already, having studied an MA Culture Industry at Goldsmiths, where all her research projects and coursework were games and games-industry focused. She's also a volunteer for G4G, has written for Vice China and is self-teaching herself how to make games as well. We love an overachiever.

Of course, we found plenty good about Zijin as a writer, too, and we're excited to see what kind of reviews and features she dishes up while she's with us. Mainly Zijin just seems like a very good egg with a broad and curious taste in games. We love an overachiever with knowledge of both big-budget blockbusters and weirdo little indie games. The cover image is of Tetris Effect because, as she says in her site bio Zijin plays many games, but often finds herself coming back to Tetris.

So, do keep an eye out for Zijin's name as she adds to posts like her charming analysis of Passpartout 2 and having a go at a memetastic Crab fighting game. Even as we speak she's playing a game for review, and I'm excited to see what she comes up with.

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