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In Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist you can become an art master with hard work

a game to store my temporary art soul

Calling all failed artists! Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist is out on Steam. I am still the frustrated artist struggling to survive that I was in the first Passpartout. This time, though, I’ve lost more than just my shabby shack. There are no bills to pay; instead, I’ve invested all my money into art supplies and rented a studio in the town of Phénix. Finally, I can become an art master, having my naive artwork displayed just alongside Van Gogh's.

In addition to waiting for that elusive exchange of “Art for Money" from the first game, I can now take on odd jobs to support my artistic career, which means I paint on signs, flags, and even cars. Compared to the previous game's realistic style, Passpartout 2 is like the dream of every half-hearted artist. In the predecessor, I constantly painted and sold my works under the pressure of bills. When no one bid on my art, the anxiety was cruel. In 2, however, I can find success as an artist by greeting the locals, working hard and earning money. I have more brushes, canvas textures, and specific art goals. The residents in Phénix definitly have a higher ceiling of tolerance than the previous critics outside my old shack, as the residents don't just buy my work, they employ me, too. Thanks, capitalism!

It is fine to enjoy this game if you're without any creativity. Those without painting skills (like me) can find some wierd happiness. Sometimes happiness comes from satire, when everyone flocks to a tacky graffiti piece; other times, it comes from a sense of accomplishment - like when the town residents pay me. But the joy also simply comes from drawing something. I suspect I'm hiding a guilty pleasure under the game - painting a bunch of nonsensical pieces, admiring them, and pretending I am born with some hidden artistic spirit. I feel satisfied by my temporary talent.

Start an artist's career with, currently, 20% off on Steam. Passpartout 2 costs £17 right now, when it's normally £21. There's also the bundle of both Passpartout games discounted at £18.

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