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Scarlet Nexus, a slick anime action RPG, is out today

Beat up monsters, with your mind

Scarlet Nexus is out today, if you'd like to take control of a child soldier capable of hurling concrete boulders with your mind and making sincere connections with your telekinetic mates over gyoza.

Scarlet Nexus takes place in a sci-fi anime world home to many tropey characters, many motives, and many monsters to fight. At its core, this is an action RPG where you'll spend the majority of your time pulling off silly combos in dungeons full of baddies. In your down time, you hand your friends houseplants in an effort to make them smile. Then you go back to watching your cooldown meters.

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In Brendan's Scarlet Nexus review, he says that you can "eventually turn into a hard-skinned, fire-burping, ghost-seeing teleporter, capable of fending off every type of enemy at once." This I'm very much up for, but apparently "the plot has more holes than a chain-link fence", so clearly it's the action that holds the game up here, not the story.

Although I'm excited by the prospect of chilling with the gang. I love doing so in JRPGs like Persona, and Scarlet Nexus seems to have plenty of scenes where you'll just do stuff like "get adorably talkative about exercise regimes". I mean, yes, this is what I'm after.

If you too would like to participate in nice chats with friends, but mainly crash canisters into monsters with your mind, Scarlet Nexus is out now on Steam for £40/$60/€50.

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