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Scope And Gory: Sniper Elite V2 Demo

The demo for Sniper Elite V2 is now available on Steam, having previously been holed up in consoleland, waiting for a chance to break from cover and dash across to nestle inside your tower. Once there, it'll scan the room for enemies to gratuitously shoot in the spleen. The level provided, which has been specially tweaked for demonstration purposes, does contain some sniping, although I can't comment on the amount of elitism. There's apparently a lot more running between cover than I expected, non-sniper gun rattling away, and there's a bit of sneaking and stealth-killing as well. Then everything blows up.

I'd give an opinion without 'apparently' in it but Steam claims its servers are too busy to serve Sniper up. Plenty of people seem to have the same problem but hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Anyone managed to download it yet?

Along with the demo comes the news that the PC version of the game will have a team deathmatch mode, whereas the only multiplayer on the consoles will be co-op. Competitive play should support up to 12 players. Rebellion are able to include the extra mode because they are self-publishing on PC, while the console versions are arriving via 505 Games who hate it when snipers turn on one another.

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