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Scoping Out Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 And Sniper Elite V2

Morning sniper fans. Remember when there were no sniper related games around? The army's stealthiest strategist has never commanded an audience, preferring camo and a nice bush to kicking down doors and shouting bad things about your various female relatives. But soon there will be two sniper game vying for your beady eyes. I've already spoken a bit about Sniper Elite V2, so the newest kill-cam from that will be relegated to second place. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, however, has managed to elude my scopes thusfar. What I need is a short, explanatory video, I'd say about a minute or so in length that shows off the sort of distances bullets will be traveling, and maybe the locations as well. If that could somehow happen, maybe dropping in below, then I'd be the happiest sniper.

Pow! A video! Yay. And it exactly conforms to my previous specifications: it's actually more of a tech show-off for the Cryengine 3 rather than a game breakdown, but you do get to see those ludicrous bullet trips, and the lengthy levels give me some hope that it has plenty of scope. It's very pretty, and there's a range of environments to ponder the bullet's trajectory in. I'm not forgetting Sniper: Ghost Warrior was a bit rubbish, but I have a weakness for games where the camera follows the bullet, and I'm interested in the co-op and multiplayer. Sniper duels are promised.

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It's listed as coming soon. I fear that means he can already see us. Eep. Next up is the latest from the bone-crunching series of Sniper Elite V2's weekly kill-cams. This one isn't so great: I quite like the parsing of details when you hover over the prospective targets, but the position the sniper takes is, frankly, bizarre. He's so out in the open, and sat framed on either side by open fires. That's a problem I had with the original game: it wasn't very stealthy. He might as well wear a one-man-band suit and dress in a suit of mirrors.

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