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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Ancient artefacts, risky rafting, and treacherous thaumaturgy

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! A day for gazing into the crystal ball that is Twitter to look at what some game developers are up to. Spoilers: it’s making games for us to play in the future. What industrious, forward-thinking folk. This week: a long-forgotten communication device, a cooperative boat trip, and some good old-fashioned slapstick.

Only 90s kids will remember this:

Delivering this nostalgia hit/definitely haunted roadside is Greg Pryjmachuk, who formerly made road trip adventure Jalopy. Now he’s building phone booths, and presumably other things, for Landlord’s Super. According to its Steam page, it’s set in some far off time called the 1980s, which definitely sounds like a fake decade that never existed. On the other hand, they say that the “murky midlands” county of “West Berklands” is fictional, and that’s not true, because I definitely live there.

You’ll be tasked with restoring an old property in order to rent it out to locals, from buying supplies to laying brick to avoiding “union interference.” What could possibly go wrong? Landlord’s Super is apparently “coming soon,” so you may not have long to wait to get your hands grimy.

Anyway, now that we’ve eaten our British socioeconomic decay vegetables, here’s a double helping of dessert. First, a co-op game that I can just feel the chaos radiating out of:

I wonder whether that very precarious waterfall on the right-hand side is part of the work in progress nature of the shot or whether that’s intentional?

This is Fling To The Finish, a two-player one-controller platformer in which you can race other teams, play a campaign solo or with a buddy, and generally try not to hurl yourself into various abysses and/or destroy your friendship with your flinging partner. This raft ride is joined by a bunch of other courses, including a playground, casino, and apparently some sort of space worm that you can see up there in the header. And it has a demo available now on itch.io, so you don’t need to wait for its full release to burn bridges with your formerly closest pals.

Finally, who doesn’t love the simple pleasure of a person wiping out.

As the name suggests, you might need that kind of light relief in Hell Punk Horror. The rest of the time you’ll be trying to outsmart demons in a melee combat roguelite, which in my book is essentially code for “dying a lot.” The game’s intended to release later this year, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait, but for now you can find out more at its website. And there’s a very good gif of a spooky skull getting absolutely murked by a well-thrown axe.

For more peeks at upcoming games, you can dive into the tag on Twitter.

Disclosure: vidbud Matthew used to work at The Yogscast, who are now publishing Landlord's Super.

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