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Cheers! Landlord's Super has entered early access

Next round's on us

Oh, it'll be a beaut once it's done. On completion, Landlord's Super promises a mundane fantasy of construction and socialising in your own dismal slice of English decline - seasonal changes, health concerns, rental markets, union interferences and all. But those frivolities can wait. Launching today in Steam Early Access, the Landlord's offering the simpler pleasures right now. Home renovation, and getting absolutely knackered down the local.

Self-described as an "honest insight into English Culture", Landlord's Super is a build n' drink n' rent 'em up set in the fictional Thatcherite wastelands of West Berklands. Repair properties by laying bricks, tiling roofs, sourcing materials...

Blimey, I've never had a landlord pull this much weight around in all my years of renting.

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But all work and no play make Jack a dull landlord. There's a whole town full of miserable strangers to chat to, steal from, or piss the hell off. Landlord's Super can be, if you so choose, a game about getting absolutely sloshed in a manky ol' pub 'til you're pissing up your eyeballs, before getting tossed out like the sloshed, miserable, urine-soaked bastard that you are.

Banned for peeing in the pub? My old man always said that place was a toilet, anyway.

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Landlord's Super is the work of Minskworks, the folks wot made Eastern European road trip Jalopy. Given the earnestness of the way that game delivered its Soviet exodus, there's warmth beyond the gaffs here too - a quiet celebration of the working class and getting by on your graft, even as the country rots all around. You're still building something from nothing, after all - even if the tools you used "fell off" the back of a truck.

Minskworks reckon the game will be in early access for roughly a year. The core gameplay, they claim, is set in stone - right now you can repair the single property, get sloshed, and kick about in town. What the devs really want are pointers in where to go next, whether that's more downtime interactions, power tools, slippery roofs or otherwise.

Landlord's Super is out on Steam today for £13.94/€15.11/$17.99. Just leave the place as you found it, yeah? We're trying to get our deposit back.

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