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Scythe For Sore Eyes: Vigil Wants To Fix Darksiders' Port

To hear John tell it, Darksiders II is a wondrous thing - a Frankenstein chimera of other games' best bits, but infused with its own unique spirit and rippling apocalypse biceps. But, shockingly enough, all is not well in the land of War, Death, Strife, and Fury. The PC port's been decried as incredibly barebones - with nearly non-existent graphics options, lousy menus, and the occasional irritating glitch composing its emaciated frame. To Vigil's credit, however, it's incredibly sorry about Death's wardrobe malfunction at his big bash, and - at the very, very least - it's trying to patch up the missing bits.

Now, I say "trying" because, at this point, Vigil's not entirely sure what is and isn't feasible. Here's community manager Mathew Everett's official stance on the matter:

"During the Community Summit both Jay Fitzloff and I were under the impression that full .config files and final keyboard/mouse and controller hookups were going to work as promised when the PC version of the game launched. That was the plan at the time from a specifications perspective. Unfortunately, especially at the end of the development cycle, sometimes things change at the last minute, and this was one of them. This puts us in an uncomfortable spot as we were acting on the best information we had at the time, and it has turned out not to be in the final game (at this point)."

"Since it was always the intention to implement these features, as I type this, the development team is checking to see what items can get added into the game. While I can’t promise what can be done, I can promise we are working with the proper teams and have expressed the importance of including them in a patch."

And really, that's all we can ask for at this point - especially since Vigil doesn't technically owe us anything beyond a functional game, which it already provided. Bravo to Vigil, though. It's a bit sad that we live in a day and age where it's atypical to see big-budget game developers hold themselves accountable and act like people, but it still makes me feel like I ate a big ol' ice cream scoop of butterflies when someone finally does. So thanks, Death and Friends of Death. You guys are the greatest!

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