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Scope out this early look at Halo Infinite's first full multiplayer match

Take a loop, I mean look

Halo Infinite’s upcoming technical preview got its own preview last night. Developers 343 Industries hosted a stream to show off what this weekend’s test will let people see and do, capping it off with the very first look at a full Halo Infinite multiplayer match. That’s probably what you want to see, yeah? Here’s a peek.

Cover image for YouTube videoHalo Infinite | Multiplayer Technical Preview Overview

We've embedded the whole stream above, but if you want to skip straight to the multiplayer map, then fast forward until 1:19:10. Things of note include being able to toss weapons away mid-game, which you could only do on a weapon swap until now. It’s a small detail, but it lets you pass weapons to other team mates. Pick-ups will be collected instead of immediately activated on collection, too. If you die, an enemy will be able to loot the collected power-up.

There were plenty of places to mantle, and you can power-slide, which gives it a slight parkour vibe. I didn’t spot anyone with the grappling hook that the single-player has, though. I hope it’s available in some form. I want to yoink.

This weekend’s test is AI-focused, so multiplayer will be Bot Slayer (tee-hee) with human teams vs AI teams, on at least three maps: Live Fire, Bazaar, and Recharge. If things are going well over the weekend, more maps might be added and the skill of the AI will be turned up. You can also test out 12 weapons in the new academy. There are weapon drills for every element of the game, so you pick the gun you want to get better at and blast at bots.

Peppered through the rest of the stream is a look at the PC settings, the customisation options (that basically let you design your own armour and create your own Clippy-like AI pet) and the academy.

So, that’s what most people reading this will be missing out on over the weekend. I hope a few of you got into the test. I did, but I won’t be at my PC sadly. Roll on Holiday 2021, when we can all play.

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