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See Salt And Sacrifice's giant mage boss get cut down to size

Bring a friend along in the soulslike 2D platformer

Salt And Sacrifice is a “soulslike”, which is a latin for “Can you do this bit for me?” The 2D slasher sequel to Salt And Sanctuary was only announced a few weeks ago, but there’s already more to see. Here's nearly 10 minutes of footage of the upcoming game, showing blocks, chops, and the cool power of friendship.

A quick recap: in Salt And Sacrifice you're a Marked Inquisitor hunting down mages. They summon all the bad guys that pollute the levels. You’re there to cut everything into little chunks until you make it to the boss.

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One of definitions of a soulslike is that the player works things out as they go, and so this footage doesn’t make it easy for the watcher to follow along. It’s a collection of moments as far as I can tell, but it’s probably a decent representation of the fraught nature of exploring. There's a hilariously swift trap at 1:45, followed by a giant and gorgeously animated knight boss 3 minutes in.

That boss fight shows off a fair amount of blocking, dodging, and slashing. There’s a lot of well-timed blocks, and a few not-so-well-timed ones that unsettles the player. There’s quite a lot going on, and every blow and block feels important in the grand scheme of things.

Summoning isn’t confined to the boss. Towards the end of the footage, another player is welcomed into the game with a nice handshake, and the two set about fighting and chasing a mage through the level. The giant boss is able to teleport vast distances, meaning the team has to chase the vanishing thing across several areas. I’d be glad to have a friend along for the ride, because it looks bloody exhausting.

We don't have a release date, aside from 2022.

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