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Serious Sam VR Jacking Into Early Access This Month

Start screaming

As much as I think the current wave of VR is a fad, mate, even I wouldn't down turn waving my hands as two giant ridiculous guns in Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope [official site]. Well, I wouldn't if cybergoggles worked properly with my eyes. Anyway! Point is: the virtual reality spin-off from Croteam's silly FPS series is coming to Steam Early Access on October 17th, publishers Devolver Digital announced today. That's a bit later than its planned summer launch but hey, you'll get to wave your cannonhands, yeah? Focus on what's important.

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope doesn't have the circle-strafing and backpedalling of the original games, probably because the speed would make you vom your guts out your cyberears. Instead, you stand there gunning down the waves of monsters charging at your cyberface, in that usual VR wave shooter way. And then, honking great bosses.

Croteam expect the game will be in early access for about six months, though it may take longer new levels, environments, enemies, bosses, weapons, power-ups, and a skill tree, gathering and responding to player feedback all the while.

It'll initially be on HTC Vive, but will come to Oculus Rift once its own Oculus Touch motion controllers arrive.

Serious Sam VR will cost 39,99€ (haven't seen US and UK prices confirmed yet), which does sound a touch expensive for an arcade game already demanding expensive hardware. But hey, if this wave of VR is a fad for squillionaires, why not?

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