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Session's ragdolls and replays are a strong skateboarding combo

If I die before I wake...

Skater bois and skater goils, rejoice. There is a new skateboarding game rolling around. Session is an early access ollie 'em up with a familiar twin-stick setup and a big concrete playground to cruise around in. Steve did not enjoy it in his early access review. But for me, "the QWOP of skateboarding games" sounds perfect. And as the only person in the RPS treehouse who can comfortably pop a 180 yeetspin into a frontside blundergrind, I had to look for myself to see if it was up to my high standards. Conclusion: I like it, as demonstrated by these GIFs of me failing to land simple tricks.

One of the good things, as you can see, is the replay editor. Really, this is confusing to use, and I'm not sure it's even working correctly. But the ability to rewind and adjust the camera is good enough for my purposes. Like recording this excellent grind.

And this one.

I'm good at skateboarding. Did you know I am the 20th best player in OlliOlli 2 (on the PlayStation 4)? I think I have mentioned it.

As you can see, you lose speed when you grind. This slowdown creates an exciting challenge.

You can probably tell the physics are quite good. Your body is a ragdoll atop a deadly toy. Sometimes your skateboard gets caught on obstacles with comical perfection.

And sometimes that hurts.

But often, it's chill, no worries.

You can also pick up your board and run around. You can jump while running to clear small walls. Or jump repeatedly to transform into a rigid mutant.

Nobody can stop you.

In the middle of a dangerous leap, you can slap your board down at the last second. There's currently no animation for this motion, so it looks a bit like a dangerous magic trick.

Sometimes this trick does not work out.

Big drops are impressive though. Here is a flip trick I landed from a terrifying height to the surprise of nobody, because I am a good skateboarder.

Courage is important in skateboarding. You've got to commit.

Otherwise you will be trash.

And should probably stop.

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