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Session's new co-op film mode lets you create radical home movies

Like Skate before it, Session wants to look like a proper old-school skater tape. Wide-angle handheld films, packed with stoner teens busting shins on concrete stairs for fifteen minutes 'til one finally nails a gravity-defying line. This week's update for the early-access skate sim brings that lineage full-circle, letting you drag along a friend to film your sickest tricks - or, more likely, your most painful bails.

As list-goblin Brendy demonstrated, Session is already a phenomenal gif generator - and only even broke one bone in doing so. This week, update brings Session one step closer to its handheld, low-angle roots with a new Local Filmer Mode?

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Let's start with that Local Filmer Mode, aye? Plugging in a second controller - either locally or through Steam Remote Play, will let a second player act as your dedicated camera operator. Pick the angles, line up killer lines. All that's missing is an outrageous fisheye lens and some third-wave Ska. For now, Filmer Mode is an experimental, unoptimised feature - one that'll probably require a strong rig to keep those frames up.

Let's hope they'll eventually let you export clips onto a VHS. Get that authentic feel, aye.

This week's update also added New York's "legendary" New York City pyramid ledges. Blimey - turns out, playing a Tony Hawk's game way back doesn't make you a seasoned sk8er boi, because I'd never heard of 'em before. Their tiered brick steps look great for mixing up grinds, mind, though I guarantee you're not getting away injury-free if you bail on those corners. Ouch.

Whether you beef it or not might depend on how well you take to Session's improved board handling. Impossibles, late-flips and ollie variations have been added to Session's trick-list, but a new Board Control feature lets you push even more personality into every jump. Ideally, you'll have more control over the board angle and rotation, either for flair or to land tight-angled ramps.

Realistically, it means more opportunities to put some hard concrete between board and bone. More info on Board Control, Filmer Mode, and everything else in this week's patch can be found on Session's Steam update post.

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