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"Sex If You Win, Sex If You Lose"

Those seem like reasonable odds, if sadly unrealistic. Anyway, the definitely not-safe-for-office-environs sex-game publisher G-Collections [careful, readers!], has announced that its latest 3D sex adventure on PC, Lightning Warrior Raidy, has gone gold. In fact it seems that Raidy has been presumed to be so popular with G-Collections fans that a sequel has already been announced, even before the first game has gone on sale. Nothing like a dead cert, eh? G-Collections explain the appeal of their cartoon molestations:

With a classic combat feel in the tradition of the finest computer based RPGs, the player navigates the maze-like tower, fighting hordes of sexy monster women and gathering potions, weapons and armor to defeat the tower's twisted master. With the "sex if you win, sex if you lose" game system, Raidy is able to turn the twisted fetishes of the boss monsters against them if she defeats them in combat, or succumb to their wiles if she loses.

Yeah, you know the system. It's where you get XP (seXP! sorry) even if you fail the quest. All very familiar RPG stuff. Jolly good, and really in the tradition of the finest computer-based RPGs. Lord British would be proud.

You know, it was a genuine task to be able to find a "screenshot" that could be cropped for use on the frontpage of RPS. We are, after all, a family website. Sort of. And there are some interesting images in there. And by interesting I mean worrying. The buttock-handling and use of leather string pales in comparison to the activities of what appears to be a friendly octopus and some teenage girls... Still, "the leading publisher of Japanese PC dating sim games in English" (employing a loose use of the word 'dating' we Britishers aren't familiar with), does reassuringly inform us that "all characters in this game, as in all games we sell, are aged 18 or older." Yeah, all those cartoon characters have birth certificates, passports, and families back home, worrying about their career in the videogames industry. ("Raidy, when are you going to get a proper job." Etc)

Anyway, if you want to keep up to date the latest sex game news, you can do what I did, and have a good long read of the IGDA's Sex & Games Blog, which has been running for several years now. In fact it occurs to be that it's getting a bit crowded in sex and gaming arena. Perhaps a bit.. intimate. More and more people are having their say. Even RPS chum Dave Triforce has started making out like he's a ludic sexpert. Speaking of which, I must write up that Singles 2 retrospective for PC Gamer. It's the only game I've played in which one of the right-click context menu options reads "self-service". God help you if your Single is in bed with a woman when you decide to find out what that does...

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