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Shadow Complex Arrives On PC, Remastered And Free


Metroidvania techno-thriller Shadow Complex [official site] debuted downloadable on Xbox 360 in 2009, and folks have been asking for a PC release ever since. It was pretty good fun, see, doing all that 'run and jump and climb shoot and find items to get into new places to find items to get into new places' stuff, all shiny and polished like. But a PC release never seemed forthcoming, until last night. Shadow Complex has arrived in 'Remastered' form and is free to download right now.

Shadow Complex sees a chap doing those Metroidvania things to save his girlfriend and the whole dang world in some zany plot. It's a pretty fun video game! On reflection I'd say it's kinda by-the-numbers and the setting's dull (cool forest sections aside!), but while playing I was mostly thinking "This is fun video games!"

Shadow Complex was made by ChAIR [goofy stylisation preserved for comedy's sake -ed.], who at the time were owned by Epic Games. This was during that period where Epic were making goo-goo eyes at the Xbox 360, though, when they wandered away from PC following Unreal Tournament 3 and a PC port of the first Gears of War. I always had the impression that neither sold as well as expected. Anyway, between this, Fortnite, the free new UT, and whatever Paragon is, they're certainly back to hanging round our playground and letting us go on their skateboard.

Head on over to its site and you'll be prompted to download the Epic Games Launcher client, which'll let you download Shadow Complex Remastered. Yes, I know it's yet another client and another account, but if Epic are giving Shadow Complex away free to promote something I'll uninstall as soon as I've finished playing, sure, that's okay. Given that the game's only free "for a limited time", I suspect it'll hit the usual stores (well, Steam at least) once Epic start charging for it. Trailer time:

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