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Watch: Shadowhand Dev Offers Peek At Card Combat

On the cards

Hello! I'm back from holiday and easing myself back into the week by watching a developer video about the dueling in upcoming highwaywoman solitaire combat game, Shadowhand [official site].

Here's the vid which focuses on taking down some jerk called Rich Turnpike who wields two blunderbusses. Blunderbii?

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I've seen the game at an earlier stage of development but it's interesting to hear Jake Birkett (one half of Grey Alien) talk about the actual mechanics relating to the weaponry - piercing damage, time to charge up weapons and so on. There's also a smidge of info about how the enemy AI works which was interesting for me because last time I spoke to them that was still something that was being debated and refined.

Shadowhand is due for release pretty soon - "Summer 2016" - although speaking from a British perspective that season is always the most elusive. I feel like we could more accurately say that the game has a release date of "During the weeks of slightly warmer rain which people spend their time trying to guess when it might abate in order to attempt a trip to the beach or mow the blasted lawn 2016".

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