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Shambling Man: The Walking Dead Season Two

Comic-Con has probably created lots of news but, until this morning, the only information that had lodged in my brain was the announcement of some sort of Superman vs Batman film. I haven't seen Man of Steel because my brain tries to run away from Zack Snyder films, leaving it shuddering and heaving against the back of my skull if one of those films happens to be in front of me. Actually, I quite liked his Dawn of the Dead and didn't suffer any nosebleeds at all when I saw it. Forget about me being snidey about Snyder though - more news from Comic-Con! This time about The Walking Dead Season Two. If you don't want any spoilers at all, don't look below.

Game Informer are the chaps in the know and bring confirmation that Clementine will be returning, although whether she'll be a main character or not isn't clear. Enigmatically, they also report that Kenny's fate will be revealed. I thought he got angry, then sad, then eaten but clearly I am missing some nuance. Maybe he'll show up as a walker and Clem will have to stab him to second-death with the sharp end of a cornflake.

Telltale also advise everyone to keep their saved game files, including the one from mini-episode 400 Days. Considering the game lost my save file between episode one and two, I'm not entirely hopeful that transferring information between seasons will go without a hitch. I haven't played 400 Days yet but Telltale reckons that at least some of the decisions made there will have an impact on season two. Sounds to me like some of the characters in those standalone storylines might make an appearance.

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