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Shiny demons! Doom Eternal finally gets its ray-tracing upgrade

Hell rays, sir?

For those of you lucky enough to own an RTX capable graphics card and a copy of Doom Eternal (I assume there's a decent amount of crossover there), the ray-tracing update promised since the shooter’s launch has finally arrived. Nvidia’s tech has added a final level of polish to the game’s surfaces, and also brings DLSS support to balance out the power-hungry enhancements.

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The patch that Tenacious D predicted updates all the game’s metallic surfaces, water, and other reflective surfaces to realistically reflect all the, er, unrealistic environments. Blasting demons has never looked so specular. I’ve not had an RTX card for long, and it’s only a 2080, but in my short time of tracing those rays it’s an effect you feel as much as you notice. Watching the corridors in that video, the blasts of light surrounding the player really do add an immersive sheen to the action. If I ever reinstall this flavour of Doom, I’ll be enabling it and unsheathing my crucible in the most polished environment I can find.

It also has DLSS, which Nvidia makes bold claims of in Doom Eternal: “NVIDIA DLSS accelerates performance by up to 60% at 4K, enabling virtually every GeForce RTX GPU to exceed 60 FPS with ray tracing enabled, and all settings cranked to their max:”

I’m sure Katherine will be waiting to test that claim to its fullest when she gets an opportunity. I can hear her rummaging around in in her box fort already. It should be out now if you’re keen on testing it out yourself, though.

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