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Sims 4 October bug laundry list includes werewolf bottom fury and even more incest

Man, they really can't shake that incest

The Sims 4 always gets a few fun bugs to investigate in and around new content coming out (which is all the time), and The Sims 4 Werewolves is no exception. The laundry list of issues that the team are investigating this month has a raft of fun werewolf-centric bugs like humans being able to sniff each other, and a wolf getting mad that he's the bottom (of the pack) even though he's the alpha. The High School Years update from July is also facilitating accidental sibling incest, still, after one method of sibling highschool be-sandwiching was fixed in August. It appears to be an entrenched problem. Those kids must really like House Of The Dragon.

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In fairness, the incest this time is via students asking each other to prom via notes in lockers, so it's a bit more of an edge case thing. From the bug report it seems players can most easily replicate by making a sim leave a note for their sibling. So, although it does make it seem like the students are just being sneaky, it's kind of on you.

The werewolf stuff is less concerning, really. Werewolf sims are supposed to become furious every so often if they're the bottom of the pack, but in this case an alpha wolf is getting furious as if he were. The precise circumstances do not make the bug read any less funny than it does, though. Similarly, several users are reporting that their human sims are able to do the 'sniff to say hello' animation that werewolves use. More funny is that some didn't report it because they thought it was a feature, not a bug. I wouldn't want to go to a party at their house, if youknowwhaddimean.

My other favourite is "I ate the lab door in StrangerVill as a werewolf, now there's a wall." Between you, me and the stressed programmer, The Sims 4 patch notes and bug lists are often a fun read. As I have pointed out before, The Sims 4 is, at this point, less a game and more a late-stage Jenga tower held together with spit and prayers. There are so many expansions and updates and themed packs all bumping into each other that it's a credit to the devs that any of it works at all.

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