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SkateBird is kickflappin' into its homemade skateparks in August

For the most airborne of aerials

We're sure spoiled for upcoming skating games right now, but as a person who doesn't know the first thing about skating, there's only one that speaks to me. Yup, SkateBird, the one where "pulling off tricks is nice, but doing your best is really all that matters," is the only one for me. The little winged skaters have just announced a release date with a new trailer full of tricks. SkateBird is launching in August, which gives me just enough time to study up on my skate sesh before school's back in sesh.

Since you're a tiny little bird you're of course not skating in human-sized parks. Nope, you're grinding on straws and pulling off cardboard kickflips and doing what I've just learned is called a "nose stall" on the back of TV screens. In addition to all the kickflappin' tricks, there's a lot of little bird fashion and bit of bird 'tude in the new trailer too.

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It's all in service of bringing some hype back to the life of your human "big friend" who's hung up their board because they're so busy with work. That's a heartfelt skate park story I can get behind.

"Complete missions to progress through stages ranging from your Big Friend’s bedroom to a scenic rooftop and a sick server room prime for top-secret sessions," Glass Bottom Games explain. "Or free skate through the world at a leisurely pace. Grow your flock and wow them with fluttering flicks, owlsome combos, and impeckable tricks."

SkateBird happens to be one of RPS's most anticipated indie games of 2021. Looking back on that list, it's actually picked a couple winners for the year already. Here's hoping that SkateBird kickflips into success too.

SkateBird is launching on August 12 over on Steam and Itch. It will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

E3 2021 may be over but our memories live on - see everything on our E3 hub. Many more big game showcases and streams are still to come this summer, leading up to Gamescom, so see our summer games stream schedule to stay up to date.

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