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Skiing Double: Tribes Ascend's Twinfusor Update

Can you remember when the last Tribes: Ascend update came out? I can't - at least, not well. I mean, I recall a few hazy images of youthful innocence, but it's as though they're being beamed in from another lifetime or a place with an overabundance of haze. In reality, however, I just have vaguely worrisome memory problems probably stemming from the fact that I fell out of many trees as a child. Even so, it has been a while in Tribes time, but Hi-Rez has definitely made the Twinfusor update worth the (relatively) lengthy wait. In addition to the titular double-firing death-dealer, you're also looking at two new CTF maps, a party system (finally!), improved matchmaking, and a billowing list of largely great balance tweaks.

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You'll also find full patch notes here, if you're feeling so inclined. I would, however, like to discuss a few highlights. For one, I'm digging the general idea behind Permafrost. On paper, it sounds like generators will be more important than ever, so maybe my team will finally defend them for once argh jeez. I also like that it stands to create a dynamic of multiple optimal approaches to flag capture and defense. It's a little thing, but I'm excited to give it a go.

Balance-wise, I'm quite pleased by what I'm seeing here. Many tweaks (for instance, increased projectile collision size) go toward making Spinfusors and other explosive weapons more appealing, and the Twinfusors - which come in light, medium, and heavy flavors - open up all sorts of possibilities at the expense of a bit of raw firepower. Also, the Brute's Fratcal Grenade has been seriously toned-down, which will hopefully put an end to infuriatingly obnoxious base spammers. Perhaps a bit more troubling is the Doombringer, who's seen reductions across the board. I honestly don't know the class all that well, though, so I can't render a verdict on how significant the changes really are.

And that's only the tip of an iceberg that'd probably be a joy to ski down while screaming "wheeeeeeeeeeee." There is, in other words, a whole lot to dig into here. And if you think I've been speaking in gibberish for the past couple paragraphs, well, you should go play Tribes. According leading experts, it's equal parts great and beautiful. Just like you, dear reader. So it's a match made in heaven, and who are you to disappoint god?

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