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Slime Rancher gets a whole mess of Slime Science

Weird science

Monomi Park's Slime Rancher [official site], that wacky and wiggly slime wrangling game, this week received a significant update in the Slime Science Update, available now. In it you can find numerous slimes and the basics of Slime Science itself. It is much stickier than regular science,  you see, and you must let the game educate you before you can be trusted with it.

So you can do just that with the update, after you purchase the new Lab ranch expansion, which will unlock the content. You'll also be able to use the Refinery to create resources for Slime Science gadgets, the Builder's Shop to craft gadgets at the Fabricator, and, well...the Fabricator too, of course. There's a smattering of new Treasure Pods, over 45 new gadgets to unlock, and a whole mess of additional changes as well. If you like slime, there's a lot of it here, it sounds like.

Personally, I've never played Slime Rancher. I've been told I'd absolutely love it given my predisposition for cute things and the vague Street Fighter V-esque feel of the logo, but I haven't looked into it just yet. I am quite into the sound of Slime Science, however, and I wonder how it could be put to use for me when it comes to Dragon Quest slimes or even the kind you can purchase to stretch and play around with from the toy store. I think I'll look into it since this seems like a pretty important update, and I rather like gadgets.

For those seasoned Slime Rancher players out there, check out what you get in the update with the full patch notes.

Slime Rancher is still in Steam Early Access. We took a look at it back in February.

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