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Spy Update Day 4

So it was all true. The Sniper update for TF2 has indeed been infiltrated by the Spy, Valve's URL for the new content now changed to "/spyupdate", the "/sniperupdate" address now gone. What on Earth does it all mean?

Well, first of all the first three pages of Sniper update info are still there, so it's safe to assume he'll still be seeing his new bits and pieces come Tuesday. But it seems the Spy is now joining him, with his first two updates revealed today.

First there's the Dead Ringer Spy Watch, a brand new golden pocket watch. As many speculated last night, this is a device designed to create a 'feign death' move. Activated once the Spy has received a non-critical hit, he cloaks for up to eight seconds, while a fake corpse collapses to the ground.

Then there's the Cloak And Dagger Spy Watch, a regenerating cloak device. Stand still and it will refill your power gauge, only draining when you move.

These are the two items selected from the Spy's Dapper Rogue Catalogue, "Catalogue for the Gentleman Rogue". Others featured include a suit made of macrofilm and a ski mask grappling hook. Of all those mentioned, perhaps the only other realistic option might be the flamethrower lighter.

So yes, everyone who saw the Spy's incredibly occasional appearances behind the Sniper on yesterday's update, and then made the intuitive leap to believe this some sort of elaborate Spy-based stunt revealing a secret Spy update... good grief, your paranoid lunacy was right for once. Surely endorsement like this cannot be productive. But did the Spy write the postcard? Are there lies within the lies? Are the secrets to the truth behind the Mayan codes in the source of the update site? Only more feverish speculation can decide.

Update: Kudos to DF7 for his grabbing this from the TF2 front page earlier, with the slip (?) reference to the Pyro being a girl.

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