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Snowrunner's latest trailer apes Death Stranding really well

Death parking

I'd forgotten that Snowrunner, the trucking sim where the weather pushes back you at every turn, is out this month. The trailer reminded me of that, and it also reminded me of Death Stranding. I mean, it's a clear parody of Hideo Kojima's game, but it's also the sad tale of a man in a truck and the family he left behind.

There is a nominal connection. Vast, dreich open worlds where you're dragging elements of the civilised world out into the wilderness and fixing things up. Saber Interactive an overview of the game a few weeks ago, showing the challenges that water, snow, and mud provide when you're out there. There are lots of things that'll change the world, letting you build bridges and open roads.

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I think they might have accidentally hit on something, you know. Snowrunner's schtick of sending truckers into the wilderness would leave them isolated. It would be an interesting component. You're in your truck cab, the cold creeping slowly in as trying to work out the best route around a fallen log. The phone rings. It's your partner. Guess what? Your cat just said her first word! How does that make you feel? The cold abates, and then you drive over that log. And another. And another.

The logs are life, and you are killing it. Anyway, here's the trailer.

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And because it would otherwise be cheeky not to, here's the Death Stranding trailer it was mocking.

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Snowrunner is out April 28, on the Epic Games Store, and Death Stranding is out June 2, but will be on both EGC and Steam.

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