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Sok-Stories is a cute 'n' easy game-maker tool

More game-doodler than game-maker

If you ever tinkered with Klik 'n' Play back in the day, or you just fancy doodling a game out in minutes, you might be delighted by the Sokpop Collective's new Sok-Stories. It's a quick 'n' cute game-making tool where we draw sprites in a wee MS Paint-y way, add them to scenes, whack in simple logic, and away you go. It's more a game-doodler than a game-maker, I suppose, able to very quickly throw together something strange and surprising. It's easy to share games too, simply uploaded then played in a browser. I've enjoyed poking through the games people have made with it.

Head on over to to see and play everything uploaded. Enjoying surprises and oddities, I've been delighted poking around and seeing things like Mario Makes Brown and Cheese Moon. People have just made... stuff. Adventure game-ish stuff, I guess? Or small interactive dioramas. Pleasant things. Which I often don't understand. Which I enjoy.

Sok-Stories was commissioned for London's recent Now Play This festival, where it was exhibited welcoming all comers to make a game. That's how easy it is: rando people at a public event can turn up and make something. Many of the games you'll play on the site will have been made there. I really like Sok-Stories as a tool for people to tinker with at an event, sitting down and making something about as easily as they'd do it with paper. Peachy keen.

You can buy Sok-Stories on for $3. Or you could subscribe to Sokpop's Patreon for $3 to get Sok-Stories plus another game, then another two new games coming with each monthly subscription. Yes, they do still plan to finish that there Bernband follow-up.

Disclosure: Some pals of mine run Now Play This, including a former flatmate and a strong candidate for Best Person at my wedding. If I ever get married. Which I won't. Unless it becomes legal to marry the sea. Which it won't.

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