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Sokpop Collective are releasing their 100th game, and aiming for 100 more

But they’re giving up their game-per-month target starting from December

After more than six years of making games together, indie development team Sokpop Collective are just about to reach their 100th release in December. Hitting that milestone means the group have decided to change how they operate and adjust their Patreon. They’ll no longer be working to release one game per month. Sokpop are recommitting to releasing another 100 games though, so they’ll still be surprising us with intriguing diversions like village-building card game Stacklands or cutesy RTS King Pins. You can watch a trailer for their recently released 99th game, action RPG Springblades, below.

Action RPG Springblades is the Sockpop Collective's 99th game.Watch on YouTube

All four Sokpop devs – Aran Koning, Tijmen Tio, Tom van den Boogaart and Ruben Naus – are collaborating on the team’s 100th game. The game was due to release in November but slipped into next month. Although the game isn’t out just yet and we don’t know what it’ll be, it’s expected to release sometime in December now because Sokpop say they’re a bit overworked. They are about to reach their goal of making 100 games though, so well done them. Sokpop say they’re still aiming at releasing multiple games each year, and hope the changes they're planning will let them make "even bigger and better" things.

The group said the changes would create opportunities from them to make “better quality games with more aftercare”. They also hope it’ll allow them to work together on projects and set “deadlines that make more sense” for each of the games they develop. Sokpop formed their collective back in 2016, and have released some proper zingers in that time. They’ve made games in genres veering from real-time strategy to card games, and even MMOs. In 2020, Sockpop released Rock Paper Sock, their version of old school Runescape combined with rock paper scissors. Their latest game is Springblades, an action RPG with a lot of costume changes that bestow different abilities on its characters.

Springblades is out on Steam and for £7/$8/€8. You can read more about Sokpop’s 100th game and their plans for the future here.

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