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Some People Might Say My Life Is In A Rut

After a day's debacle, screenshots of the new Tomb Raider: Underground have appeared online in the last half hour. This morning CVG posted them in their feature, then swiftly removed them, then Eurogamer up their feature without any images. God forbid the internet should see the game - the harm it would have done if people had been able to look at the screenshots before 5pm is unimaginable. However, it's now safe to look at them without your grandmother dying, or your furry creatures turning into Gremlins.

So get over to EG and take a look at their ridiculously hi-res images.

Big enough to print out and wallpaper your living room. Which we assume you'll do.

And, er, you'll likely say, "Gosh, this does look an awful lot like Tomb Raider then. Wait a second! She's going to be holding two pistols while exploring Mayan ruins you say?! I take my original cynacism back, and replace it with this far more overt sarcasm!"

See, we know you so well. The previous two Lara games from Crystal Dynamics have been excellent fun, and we've yet to have been given a reason to think this one should be any less.

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