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Sometimes Always Monsters, Sometimes, Always Always Sometimes Monsters - Sometimes, Monsters


2014's Always Sometimes Monsters is a curious RPG, about an author crossing the USA to break up a wedding after being kicked out their apartment, with plenty of unpleasant decisions, prejudice, and hardship along the way. Ben's Wot I Think called it "brilliant but flawed." Now developers Vagabond Dog are showing off more of their sequel named Sometimes Always Monsters [official site], which surely won't cause any confusion. Good news: everything turned out great! Bad news: it's all going wrong!

Vagabond dog call Sometimes Always Monsters "the other side of the same journey," starting the protagonist married and successful then risking losing it all. They say:

"In as many ways as possible, the games are designed to be reflections of one another. There are many parallels between the two, but they are opposites more often than not. Everything about the game's setup and tone has been turned on its head to provide a familiar experience with a very different range of emotions."

Sometimes Always Monsters will send your writer out on a cross-country book tour on a bus with your pick of author pals - and your spouse too, if you think that's sensible. Let's see how well your fame, fortune, health, and happiness hold up as you travel the country and visit cities.

SAM (Surface to Air Missile) will support importing saves from ASM (Assault Space Marine), with Vagabond explaining "Your characters and choices will be carried into the new game, picking up the story (however sordid) where you left off."

Space Marines Always Monsters is due to launch later this year, published by Devolver Digital. Peep this new trailer:

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