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Space Engineers 'Crash Test' Footage Looks Smashing

Coming to Early Access Oct 23rd

Oh Space Engineers, let me count the ways. For one, you're a hyper-ambitious extraterrestrial builder rooted in near-future NASA technology, but also, you're not going to Kickstarter. Not that I have anything against crowdfunding drives per se, but it's nice when a game doesn't thrust its clanking cup in our direction from time-to-time. But yes, the game looks quite excellent, with a physics engine that takes me back to my days as a starry eyed tot playing with toy rockets. "RrrrrrrmmmmmKABLLLOOOOOMMMMMSPLRRRSSSSHH," I'd snarl as I set countless imaginary pilots on collision courses with certain doom. Space Engineers "Crash Test" video is just like that, only it looks even better than these things did in my head.

Those physics. Mmmmmmmmm. They are scrumptious. Space Engineers is technically about building stuff, but I kind of just want to crash ships all day. Does that make me immature? Probably.

When last we checked in on these men of science, action, and rampant juvenile delinquency, word was that the game would be on Steam Early Access "soon." Now, however, it has a date: October 23rd. That is very good news. Less good, meanwhile, is the fact that Space Engineers comes from the makers of the rather not-great Miner Wars 2081. It's improved since launch (and, in a very admirable move, released its source code), but the core game was - in its best moments - painfully mediocre. Here's hoping that Space Engineers will rocket past it in every respect.

We'll get to find out if it's on the right track very soon. Until then, are you liking the look of this one as much as I am?

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