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Space P-Body: Portal Goes To The ISS 

Does P-Body sound at all like 'oddity'? I don't think it does, does it? That's why I'm torturously explaining my lame gag here. That's why they pay me the almost adequate bucks. Not to mention that the gag, if it can indeed be called a gag, is entirely redundant as this story doesn't involve Portal 2's co-op robo-chum P-Body in the slightest. Rather, it's solely to do with the Space Core, who's found himself - or at least his image - on a trip to the International Space Station courtesy of an anonymous fan at NASA.

Oddly, the official Portal blog has decided it's actually the very similar-looking Wheatley rather than the Space Core who was engraved onto an ISS-bound Japanese HTV-3 resupply craft, despite the whole 'in spaaaaace' caption. I suppose they know best! Edit - I am wrong, it is indeed Wheatly but with Space Core's quote underneath. I am always wrong :(

Lest we forget the Space Core's sterling work and boundless enthusiasm for space, here's his greatest hits and the happy ending he so richly deserved. FOR THE LOVE OF THE SWEET BABY JESUS DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED PORTAL 2:

D'aww. And videogames finally go to space - no greater honour, I think. What remains unknown is just who at NASA was the perpetrator of this off-planet graffiti. Will we ever know? Play it cool, here come the space cops.

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