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Space Siege Violentosity Trailer

Last time we posted a trailer of Gas Powered Games' forthcoming game, Space Siege, the RPS comments threads seemed distinctly unimpressed. Is that all you've got, Mr Space Siege? A new, a distinctly more impressive trailer, suggests not. It's lurking beneath the cut, along with a second-by-second breakdown.

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0:07: I'll never quite get over that SEGA logo on PC Games.
0:08: Space with ships of the Space in it.
00:13: I have a robot hand and a robot eye and stuff explodes me. Fear and love me.
00:15: More space, to make sure we all know that the game is set in Space. Sieges will be forthcoming, presumably.
0:23: Camera spins around lead character with bits of robot cybernetics slamming into him. It's showing that whole human/robot dichotomy the game's about. And sieging, in space, obv.
0:29: And some violence.
0:32: And he leaps in the air and TWATS SOMEONE.
0:36: Fires some kind of R-type-esque powered up laser into an enemy who goes flying across the screen. That's the way to do it.
0:38: A robot looks around, worriedly. And you would too.
0:41: Facing off against some kind of robot droid of the non-humanoid sort, the character appears to kick him in the balls and then impale him on some kind of spinning-whirring-thing. No wonder that robot looked so nervous at 0:38.
0:46: Fast-cuts between your guy kicking and making stuff explode. Random close up of a lady. And then a red robot.
0:47: And we're back in Space, in case you've forgot that Gas Powered Games' Space Siege is, indeed, set in space.
0:49: What appears to be a fight with some kind of fast moving ninja-style lady creature with big metallic horns sticking out the side of her noggin. Which looks pretty neat actually.
0:51: An enormous dude leaps high and crashes down threateningly just in front of the camera.
0:54: An AI. Bet it turns out to be a traitor.
0:55: More hitting and more space, interspersed swiftly.
1:08: The Space Siege logo for this is Space Siege the electronic videogame, and it'll be terrible that if this information is failed to be imparted to you, the consumer. Imagine going into a shop and buying Dogz because you thought it may be that robot testicular-combat-game you saw on RPS. That'd be terrible.
1:10: And then the Games for Windows. From this, we can ascertain it will be a Games for Windows. Hurrah.

In short: Actually, looks quite exciting there, I think.

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