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SPACEBEARS: Preorder StarDrive For Beta Access

If you don't watch the trailer for 4X Action-Strategy game StarDrive and immediately go 1) "HOLY BALLS SPACEBEARS" 2) "JINKIES! That captain-type man smoking a pipe looks jolly good wot wot" or 3) "I really want to make my own little ship to laser people with" then you are probably not me. But don't worry! I hear that if you do like the look of this space shenanigan you can preorder it on Steam now and get immediate access to the Beta along with a 15% discount on it at the same time. I can bearly contain myself. Have a look:

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Time was when one wanted a - bear with me - real time strategic modular ship-building game, you would have to go with the real-time and not the modular ship-building, but now you can have both at once thrown in with SpaceOwls and Space....Wolves? According to Stardrive you can even go to galactic battle with a... lettuce? Some sort of Cabbage Man?

Direct arcade control of ships and custom fleet formations in battle, and the ability to incite rebellions and spy on your fellow Captain Birdseye with your Squidmonster race seem like other things that influence the Goings On. You can build your own flagship...ship... to get you invested in a fleet and the whole thing looks like a laser-toting frenzy when a battle is happening. According to the Steam info you can even beam down some ground troops for extended tactical tentacles.

RPS worder Adam Smith stated, "This trailer is really quite good."

Beary nice. Horace the RPS bear is flipping out right now.

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