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Speed Dating For Ghosts free expansion lets you date a ghost dog

His name is Dave

I have been dead for roughly thirty seconds. I'm floating across the table from a nervous fellow ghost who is recounting his own introduction to the afterlife, when he was too agitated to figure out how the ground works and sank down through the Earth's mantle. It's a horrible, horrible story. I tell him so, then the bell rings and I meet my next date.

I'm playing Speed Dating For Ghosts, "a weird dating sim made by a former BioWare dev and his indie rapper friend". A free expansion dropped over the weekend, though I haven't seen anything from it yet. At the moment I'm busy chatting to Spooky Peter, who is going to show me something that can "spook even Spooky Peter". Also I have agreed to rob a bank with a shark.

The expansion lets you visit hell to date three additional ghosts, but only once you've got through the spectres upstairs. I found all the eligibles mentioned so far in the room of Lyres, one of three rooms in the base game. You have a couple of quick chats with each ghost, then pick one to go on a proper date with. I chose Spooky Peter, naturally, a doctor who died from the plague in the 1660s. We voyaged through the mirror world to haunt a man in his early 20s. It was nice.

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I won't introduce you to anyone else, because part of the thrill lies in not knowing who you'll meet next. It's like real life, only sometimes more melancholy. I will say that the ghost dog's name is Dave, and the expansion adds "a huge ending where you can spend your final moments with all your favorite ghosts past and present".

Developers Copychaser Games have currently got SDFG on sale for £3.50/$5/€4, which seems a very reasonable price. Speed dating is like £20 in Brighton, and doesn't let you meet the undead.

You can grab the game from Steam or Itch.

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