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Spelunky 2's latest patch adds crossplay online multiplayer

Now you can spelunk with friends on PC and console

The 1.26 patch for Spelunky 2 has finally brought crossplay for all platforms to the randomised platforming sequel, along with online multiplayer for its Adventure and Arena modes. Creator Derek Yu said that more updates are planned for Spelunky 2, but the next step is to get feedback on multiplayer to improve the experience now its basic features are there. Don’t expect any more additions to single-player though, as the focus there is bug fixes.

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Spelunky 2 released in 2020.

Yu explained a bit more about why it's taken time to implement all Spelunky 2’s planned online features. “At its worst (for online, I mean!), there are four players running around a double-layered level with destructible terrain, liquid simulation, and high interactivity, where nothing in the level can be disabled temporarily, even when it's out of view,” he said. “On top of that, it's a fairly fast-paced and detailed arcade-style game. So there's a lot to keep track of at any given moment.”

Integrating crossplay into the game has provided devs Mossmouth with some challenges too. “Often, resolving a problem, even if it seems minor, can take days or weeks as people communicate back and forth across different companies, departments, languages, and time zones,” Yu said. “Every platform has its own unique way of handling things, so getting everything lined up is tricky. This was particularly true for cross-play.”

Graham gave the game a Bestest Best in his Spelunky 2 review back in 2020, calling it a “worthy successor” to the original. “In playing it, I have been tense, I have been excited, I have been elated,” he said. “I have also rediscovered the joys of being lost, uncertain, and surprised. Spelunky 2 makes Spelunky new again.”

Spelunky 2 is on Steam for £16/$20/€17. It’s included as part of Microsoft’s PC Game Pass service too. It’s also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStations and Xboxes, all of whom you can now play with. You can read the full 1.26 patch notes here.

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