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The nifty Spelunky 2 Dare Challenge Bot cooks up daily feats to achieve

A bot for your dailies

If you need a change of pace in your procedurally generated death dungeons, look no further than this crafty Spelunky 2 Dare Challenge Bot. Spelunky 2 does have its own Daily Challenge mode that serves up all players with the same level seed each day, but perhaps you've gotten quite good at those. Or perhaps, like the creator of this fun little bot, want a new reason to play.

"I really enjoy Spelunky 2, and I wanted an excuse to stop playing 'to win' so much, and start engaging with all of the small systemic corners of the game that I don’t see so often," says Ben Wilson. "Every day the generator will spit out a dare, which is a randomly selected set of tasks and restrictions to complete during a run. The difficulty starts easy on Monday and gets progressively harder throughout the week, like a daily crossword puzzle."

Here's the challenge for today, for instance:

It's Monday, so this is meant to be a relatively easy list to tick off three items from. The challenge from Sunday, however, includes challenges like stealing seven idols and ending a run with more than $150,000. Or finding and killing nine pets. Look, I know it's a challenge list but maybe don't go for that last one, hm? For my sake.

The Twitter bot isn't an official part of the game of course, so you'll just need to satisfy yourself with some personal pride knowing you've completed the list for the day.

Wilson says that the Spelunky Dare bot was inspired by the Hitman Roulette site, which spits out guidelines for completing levels in a few Hitman games.

If you need a different dose of daily dungeoning, check out Graham's attempts at Spelunky 2's Daily Challenge levels.

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