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Spend One Vicarious Hour With American Truck Simulator

Honk honk!

American Truck Simulator [official site-ish] looks hard. Parallel parking is already the devil, but the idea of slotting ten tons of flammable material into the back of gas station just takes things to extremes. SCS Software recently unleashed an hour's worth of alpha gameplay footage from the game and it's precisely what you might have expected: careful turns; meticulous inspections of both wing mirrors; the mandatory leaning-out-of-windows to check for passing school kids.

And that’s not all. If fifty-eight minutes of in-game video weren't enough to satiate your ravenous appetite for this-totally-not-obvious sequel to Euro Truck Simulator 2, you might be happy to learn there's more. (There's always more, but that's not the point.) YouTuber Squirrel sat down with the people at SCS Software to discuss a variety of matters pertinent to the game’s development.

I'll admit. I crinkled my nose when I first read about this. I prefer my games more exciting than just long-distance driving. With meaning! Plot! Or, at the very least, competent pyrotechnics! But I'm going to bite my tongue now. American Truck Simulator genuinely does look lovely, even if it might not be up everyone's driveway. (P.S: If the developers eventually decide to include heated encounters with Los Angeles's soccer moms when you accidentally crash into them, they will have all of my money. Bonus points if they scream, "Do you know who I am?!" Hint-hint. Nudge-nudge.)

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