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Spider-Man Too: Energy Hook Launches $1 Kickstarter

When you mention web-spinning games, there's one distinct cry: Spider-Man 2! Lauded for its swooshing through the streets, it's the game to which all others fall short in this respect. As we reported a few months back, the man responsible for that well-loved slinging is working on Energy Hook, that intends to take the mechanic and go further with it. That's Jamie Fristrom, the technical director and designer on Spidey 2, who was the one who ensured that the webs had to attach to buildings, rather than the sky. And now he's after your cash. All $1 of it.

Energy Hook appears to be a combination of accurate rope swinging, and stunt games like SSX. Fristrom's odd Kickstarter goal of a single dollar is, he says, because he's determined that he's going to finish this game no matter how much is raised. But the more he gets, the better that game he can make will be. He has, in essence, gamed Kickstarter to be purely about pre-ordering and stretch goals.

Were you a cynical type, you could also argue he's gaming Kickstarter to get around the need to clear a particular funding goal before he gets the cash - but then since so many projects deliberately set their figures lower than they need, and rely on stretch goals, if anything it seems a more honest approach. His stretch goals go up to $130,000 presently, with a new set of levels added at $90k, but the assurance is that the game will be finished and released if just a buck is raised. It'll be interesting to see how donators react to the approach. It'll be $10 to secure a copy of the game on release.

There's an absolute ton of in-game footage in the KS video, which you can see here:

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