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Spread The Disease: Zombilution Demo

I've had this idea for a game! It's a game where there's zombies! Indeed, as vampires saturate the movie and book world, the zombies take over gaming. In fact, this zombie invasion is taking on a worryingly appropriate pattern, each undead game spawning dozens more. It can only be a few years before there are only a tiny group of non-zombie games, battling to survive in a world taken over by the lumbering creations. "Noooo! Call of Duty! Not you!!!" "RARGGLLLE GLRARGH! CALL OF DUTY: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!" "Noooooooo!"

But I don't care! Zombies are a brilliant enemy, and I'm happy to see people see who can use them in the best way. Another game taking a go is Zombilution. And rather pleasantly, this time you get to play as the zombies. There be demo.

It's a top-down view of a city area, a photograph, on which you're little zombie is placed. With him you bring other zombies into your gang by either finding those who exist, or... recruiting from the population. Then with these troops you attack the bunkers in which the survivors are hiding. At least that's the plan. I found myself struggling to make any headway with this latter part. But I did enjoy charging around and swiping at the humans.

You can pick up the demo from here. Find out more details about the game here. And here's some game clips:

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