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Spyro Reignited Trilogy brings the classic console mascot to PC today

Dragon tales

PC never really had a mascot, did it? I suppose you could say the Doom guy, but he's running on everything from toasters to oscilloscopes. Hardly loyal. That Crysis lad? Nah, even Xbox had a more recognisable sci-fi army guy. We've never had anything like Mario or Sonic on the home computer but worry not.

It's 2019. Exclusivity is theft. We're stealing our mascots, starting with Sony classic Spyro the Dragon.

Insomniac's original trilogy of PlayStation platformers has just hit Steam. Steam, of all places! There were rumours earlier this year, but it still seemed kind of ridiculous. Go back and tell the kids on the playground Sony's snarky dragon is hitting your spreadsheet machine, see how that lands.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy launched on Xbox One and PS4 last November, just a little ahead of the dragon's PC debut. Never played Spyro? Me neither, pal. That whole generation of consoles sort of passed me by. I hear they were some pretty nifty little platformers, though - Mario might have had incredible jumps, Sonic might have had... uh, terrible level design and increasingly irritating side-characters. But Spyro could fly, and breath fire, and all that well good dragon stuff.

I think he even did some Tony Hawk style kickflips at one point. Radical.

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The remastering treatment comes courtesy of Skylanders devs Toys For Bob, with help from Iron Galaxy Studios. The paint job gives the set a real nice Dreamworks look, full of lush grass and vibrant colours while retaining that early-30 sparseness. There were some issues when the trilogy hit consoles last year - namely, a shocking lack of subtitles for Spyro 2 and 3. That was swiftly fixed in an update for consoles, and should hopefully roll over into today's launch.

You can pick up the Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Steam for £35/$40/€40.

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