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Star Citizen Reveals FPS Component, Illfonic Developing

In space, nobody can hear you scream "DIE SCRUBNOOB"

Star Citizen is all-consuming. It is the devouring omni-game, always in need of more genres to absorb. So comes the official reveal of the FPS 'module' of the game, used when not in the pilot seat, be that during planetfall, on stations or just popping out for a quick absolute zero stroll. As rumoured, it's being outsourced to Nexuiz developers Illfonic. Admiral Chris Roberts, complete in space uniform, was at PAX Australia to show off the first footage of four vs four team battles on a space station. Check it out below.

Lord, Star Citizen is cool. Even in its early state, with months and years of development time and precious few details regarding half of the major elements of the final game, it's still exciting. The concept is infectiously fascinating - controlling not just a pilot but a person who can go anywhere, do anything, feasibly take this game of starships and make it one of anything they like.

It's a ways off that, of course. This footage of the first-person side is pretty but clearly still alpha, simultaneously awkward and impressive. Here are some Illfonic chaps with more to say about it:

Elsewhere in Citizentopia, a recent post detailed how a ship goes from ideas to fully functional flier. Most interestingly it shows just how much control over every stage of the project Chris Roberts has. The most recent crowdfunding goals have focused on these new ships, with the $59 million mark bringing the Crucible, a jack of all-trades, while $60 million will bring the Bulldog long-range fighter.

RSI also recently patched new control options into the pew-pew spaceships Arena Commander side:

If you fancy getting into Star Citizen, give 'em money for some Internet spaceships.

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