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Now Hear This: Star Citizen FPS Dev Vid Goes Bang


Following a game's development for funsies is a funny thing I still don't fully understand, even after decades of doing it myself. I understand a bit more in These Here Modern Times when we sometimes pay for games before they're finished - barely even started, sometimes - but still, sometimes I squint at new evidence of the existence of a game no one ever said wouldn't exist and wonder "Why would I care?" Star Citizen [official site] may be a great game for this gamespotting, as it is seemingly trying to be every single type of game. Observe, a new video proving that its FPS side will indeed have sounds:

That comes from the latest dev update on Star Marine. They still don't say when the module will launch into Star Citizen - it was delayed, meaning the first bits of its social side launched first - but do say stuff about merges and code reviews and summits and, of course, sounds.

I'm still doubtful that Star Citizen will come together, given how many moving parts it has. I don't relish cynicism, but I don't want dear, sweet, innocent, trusting folks to get jolly excited then cruelly crushed if it does turn out wonky. Statistically, most FPSs, space-dogfighting games, trading games, and MMOs are a bit bum - most developers are unable to do even one really well, let alone them all at once. Yes, developers Cloud Imperium Games raised squillions of dollars, but money isn't a magic cure-all for game design. I would like to be proved wrong on this - what kind of a monster cheers for games turning out badly? - but, ah, I can't get into all the excitement. Still, the excitement is enjoyable enough for some, so fair play to 'em. Just... think twice before blowing your sweetie money on virtual spaceships you can't even fly yet, won't you? For your old pal Alice?

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